Grabba Leaf

What Is A Grabba Leaf?

The Grabba leaf is a type of raw tobacco cured over wood-fire to give it an extremely dark brown color leaving a smoked and fishy smell, which is the reason it's called "Red Herring Grabba Leaf". 

The Red Herring Grabba Leaf is known as one of the strongest tobacco leaves on the market, most popular across Jamaican and Caribbean Islanders. It is most commonly mixed with marijuana to create an extra kick.

Grabba Leaf is starting to become very popular across Canada because of the uniquely rich smooth taste, and powerful hit when mixed in with your weed. Grabba Leaf is also known to make your spliff burn a lot slower, making your smoking experience that much better.

Ways to use Grabba Leaf?

Red herring grabba leaf is mostly used as a rolling mix for weed, pipe tobacco blends, snuff, chewing tobacco and even some cigarette blends.

How to use Grabba leaf in your weed?

When putting Grabba leaf in your weed you do not need much to get the job done.

  1. Start out by drying a tiny piece for your joint, this can be done by leaving it on the table to dry out, or use the heat from a lighter.
  2. Next step is for you to crush up a little piece and sprinkle it throughout your spliff from top to bottom.
  3. Final step would be to roll up your spliff then blaze it up. Keep in mind if the grabba leaf taste is over powering in your spliff this means you added too much. If you do not taste or feel an instant head-rush you did not add enough grabba leaf. 

Is There Nicotine In Red Herring Grabba Leaf?

The Grabba leaf is purely tobacco-based, so yes it does contain nicotine. It can be very addictive so please use it with caution. 

If you are looking to spice up your smoking experience without all the toxic chemicals found in other tobacco wraps, red herring grabba leaf is the way to go.

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